Picture Perfect Bagan: The 10 Best Photo Spots

Straight to the point in this post! During our Bagan Happenings, we compiled some of the best picture locations just for you. Below, you’ll find each one with:

A  quick description and a number corresponding to its sample picture at the bottom.

When to visit and notes.

GPS coordinates (to copy/paste directly into your preferred maps app).

Don’t forget you’ll need to rent an e-bike to get around (6,000 to 8,000 Ks per day).

1. Balloon launching point

About 15-30 minutes before official sunrise

21°11'13.7"N 94°53'46.8"E

2. Temples with balloons very close overhead

Sunrise immediately after #1

21°10'43.0"N 94°53'32.3"E

3. Road/Field to see balloons in the distance

Sunrise but not in conjunction with #1 as they’re too far apart

21°9'1.99"N 94°52'23.82"E

4. Popular wall spot (Sunrise)

Sunrise (and sunset, see below) and arrive especially early to get a good spot (when looking out to the temples, the further left you are, the better)

21°10'06.9"N 94°51'30.3"E or "Mimalaung Kyaung"

5. Shwezigon Pagoda

About 1-2 hours after official sunrise

21°11'30.8"N 94°53'39.0"E

6. Platform and breezeway with temple backgrounds

Throughout the day but 1-2 hours before sunset is optimal

21°9'51.26"N 94°51'41.63"E

7. Popular wall spot (Sunset)

Throughout the day but 1-2 hours before sunset is optimal and the crowds are mostly only there in the morning

8. Sunbeams

About 1 hour before sunset and in order to create the effect, use some brush/weeds from outside to really stir up the dust/dirt on the ground in front of the sunbeam wall holes

21°09'49.92"N 94°51'44.82"E

9. Collapsed temple for sunset

Sunset but note that if there are no clouds in the sky, the view is partially obstructed if the sun sets fully into the horizon

21°11'00.4"N 94°53'14.0"E

10. Sunset mound pictures

Sunset but not in conjunction with #9; not much of a path to it so nobody else is around

21°9'42.33"N 94°51'53.36"E

Bonus: Super secret rooftop (stairs unlocked)

We had no issues taking pictures during the day as we were the only ones there, but we were asked to come down during sunrise by one of the temple guards when he showed up a few minutes after the balloons started launching.

Location by DM or email only (in hopes they won’t lock it up too!)

That’s it, enjoy them!


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