Charleston, South Carolina: 5 Outrageously Unrelated & Fun Things to Do

Liv and I recently had a chance to sneak away from Atlanta for a long weekend to Charleston, South Carolina. We were invited by one of her best friends and her boyfriend (thanks, Kim and Brian!) as they had already been planning on going and hoped we could join them. Liv and I were particularly excited as we hadn’t been to Charleston before but had heard great things about both the food and things to do around town. Ultimately, the trip turned out to be even better than we imagined as each of us had some particularly different interests for this Southern City. Thus, below are 5 outrageously unrelated fun things to do!



Location: 14 Anson St, Charleston SC 29401

Hours: 09:00 - 17:00 Daily

Cost: $$

This one was Kim’s pick and I don’t think Liv & I would have ever even imagined doing this if it had just been us. Luckily, it wasn’t just us and this was an absolute blast even though I’m really not into ghosts and such. Our guide was fantastic and the stories were entertaining whether you believed or not. Plus, our guide ensured us that their horses were taken care of well and only worked sparingly in order to get exercise. One last tip, you can grab the infamous Booze Pops (alcoholic popsicles) from around town nearby and bring them with you!


Location: 3550 Ashley River Rd, Charleston SC 29414

Hours: 08:30-16:30 Daily

Cost: $20 per Adult (Aditional Tours Available for $8 per Tour)

Liv claims this was also Kim’s pick but seeing as it’s a perfect place for pictures, I’m giving them both half credit. Although it was pretty hot (go early if you can!), the gardens and various tours were both gorgeous and informative. This can easily be just an hour or two of exploring or an all-day excursion depending on your interest and how many tours you want to add-on once you’ve arrived. Don’t miss this bit of Southern charm!


Location: Patriot's Point or the Aquarium Wharf

Hours: Tour hours vary. Check online

Cost: $$

Surprise, surprise, I chose a water activity. Honestly, I just wanted to be out on a boat to see the harbor, but the city guide made the ride that much better. Pointing out the different sights along the way, providing historical details along with a few jokes and funny stories, our guide really topped off an enjoyable trip. We took some great pictures and saw how the USS Yorktown really is massive up close. No trip to Charleston is complete without seeing the harbor so do it in style on a boat!


Liv says this was really her pick, but obviously I had no objections. Although this isn’t technically Charleston, I guess, it’s close enough. About a 15 minute drive from downtown, this beach was awesome. With a bit of surf, safe swimming areas and a great beach town vibe, you won’t be disappointed. Parking can be a little tricky/expensive but just be patient and nice and you’ll eventually find a spot. We splashed around, took some pictures, people watched and soaked up the sun. Next time we head to South Carolina, we’ve already decided we’ll be spending at least a couple nights right on the water in Folly!


If you knew Brian, you wouldn’t be surprised at his pick (he’s a scratch golfer…for those of you that don’t know what that means, and neither did I, it just means he’s really, really good and shoots par or better). Although again not technically in downtown Charleston, there are courses all around that provide Southern charm and landscaping. This one also got a bit hot as the day carried on so make sure to get out there early if you can. Unfortunately, we didn’t plan far enough in advance to get our first choice, but if you do, hit up the memorable harbor-side Patriots Point for some world class golf!


Ok so maybe this doesn’t really count seeing as happy hour is great all around the world, but it’s different enough from the first 5, and King Street was actually loaded with great places and great deals. Most specials were Monday through Friday starting around 4pm and lasting until 6 or 7pm. There were also a couple of places that kept happy hour going right through the weekend (looking at you Barsa). Our recommendation would be to explore downtown during the day and then take a stroll down King Street for the happy hours and you’re bound to see signs inviting you in for specials like $3 margaritas and $7 specialty cocktails. Now, go hop around and try out all that you can see (just keep in mind these specials probably already changed, but you get the point). Happy hunting!

Ok, that should get you started with some great ideas for Charleston. If you drive, you’ll have a few more hotel options outside the heart of the city, but if you don’t, definitely stay downtown and you can easily walk to almost everything.

Cheers, and enjoy!


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