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LunchMoney Finanace provides FREE lunch and learn events in which students and the instructor interactively explore different personal finance topics followed by casual conversation and a bite to eat. 

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our brains are wired To make managing finances  difficult...Come find out how and the tricks to outsmart ourselves!


What’s his story?

        Originally from Atlanta, Georgia (USA), Justin completed his Bachelors of Science in Industrial and Systems Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology  in 2010 with highest honors. He then went on to complete his Masters of Business Administration at the Australian Graduate School of Management in Sydney, Australia in 2016.

Who says he knows anything about finance?

        While it's true he only had one accounting class under his belt before his MBA, he's fared pretty well in teaching himself personal finance:

  • Bought his first stocks/shares at the age of 18

  • Paid off his American (yikes!) student debt within a year of graduating

  • Purchased his first home/investment property at the age of 23

  • Traveled to 35 of the United States and to 29 countries around the world without loans or needing a job while on the road

  • Helped friends and family over the past 10 years to save, budget, establish or improve credit and invest


​That's good enough for us to at least hear what he has to say!



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