'Suite Life'?

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What do you mean by 'Suite Life'? Do you two only stay in suites when you travel?!

   Let’s be perfectly clear up front, we absolutely do NOT exclusively stay in suites, nor is that our desire. Sometimes we get upgraded or use status privileges to enjoy an extra special stay, but we also love mingling with other travellers in hostels, breathing bungalow fresh air, crashing with friends and family, finding the best local hotel deal and even getting some shut eye on overnight buses or planes (we’re lucky that we can both sleep almost anywhere).

   Suites are typically a status symbol and the envy of others, but more importantly they usually release the traveler from feeling like they’re missing out on something better. I mean, what could be better than a suite?! Well, practically anything, or nothing, just depending on your idea of a good time. Our idea of the ‘Suite Life’ is knowing that you’re travelling and living in a way that makes you the happiest based on what you like, not what the rest of the world is telling you to like. Some people would do almost anything to hike and camp in the wilderness for a month. Some people (me) have a list of body parts they would sacrifice in order to avoid such an “experience”. Our goal here is to share our Suite Lives (yes, they obviously overlap but aren’t even close to being identical) and the tips and tricks we used to find them. Hopefully, that’ll make it easier for you to also seek your Suite Life.

TLDR: No, we don’t exclusively stay in suites. To each their own - hope we can help you with that.


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